Visual Studio "instance failure" from SQL Connection String

I found out about the Rails-inspired Subsonic project today and am hoping it will save me from the insanity of working with databases in Visual Studio. ;)

While following the screencast I got stuck at the first compile point because I was getting this very helpful (hah!) DB connection error from Visual Studio:

Instance failure

Fortunately, a quick Google search took me to this post on Scott Hanselman's blog where I was reminded that my connection string had a double-backslash (because I had copied it from some C# code where the backslash had to be escaped) and that the (XML) Web.config file doesn't need to have backslashes be escaped.

Backslash removed, project compiling.

Here's to hoping that Subsonic has created a good imitation of Active Record. I love SQL, but rewriting simple SQL queries or maintaining or configuring an unfriendly persistence layer (or rolling & maintaining my own) is not my idea of a good time when I'm just trying to get a project done.