Landon has overcome our latest attempt to constrain him again.

If there is one word to describe our little boy, it is has to be Indomitable. Normal little guys that I've seen usually cry and throw temper tantrums and get distressed when things don't go their way. Landon, on the other hand, gets very, very focused and 'fueled' when he is under duress.

Last month he climbed out of his crib (with the bar at full height) at only 13 months. In the middle of the night last night he climbed over our child gate (which was raised an extra 5 inches off the ground). He can't do these things normally. (He's tried.) But if he is very, very frustrated and mad he gets focus and adrenaline and does these things that seem like they ought to be impossible for him. He's not a scrawny guy - he's got above-average girth that he's got to vault over these restraints.

I love him with all my heart. I hope we can find a way to convince him to sleep at night that doesn't make him feel so crazy.